G.I.T. Outfitters – Modern Preparedness for the Modern Family

It’s interesting to consider that there was a time in our country where it was commonplace to have food storages in your home. Households jarred their own preservatives, meats, vegetables, almost anything you could imagine. Families had specific goods on hand and common knowledge on how to harvest food (including animals), administer first aid, and make vital repairs. But as our society modernized and more Americans migrated from rural communities into urban/suburban neighborhoods, we were introduced to unimaginable creature comforts that made life significantly easier. Ultimately, the necessity for self-reliance and basic life skills faded, or more precisely, they became obsolete for the modern individual.

The mind set of our grandparent’s generation never completely disappeared but it certainly became a way of life that was relegated for “those country folks” outside the urban sprawl of our cities and/or individuals known as “preppers”. But, modern American life is showing everyday citizens the importance of being prepared for today’s world and just how fragile our reality is today. Since the beginning of 2020 our country has experience several major events that have shown us how over reliant we’ve become on modern conveniences. The polar vortex that shut down the most of the country exposed the weaknesses of our power grid. Some of us were literally frozen in our own homes while others struggled with trying to use a debit card to purchase much needed supplies when there’s no electricity. Many of us heard our brave first responders say “we’re not coming” because of the dangerous conditions. And, the pandemic that shut down the entire world’s economy gave us a glimpse of what a grocery store must have looked like for our grand and great-grandparents during the Great Depression. Fast forward to two years later and empty shelves in our grocery stores is accepted as commonplace. No matter who you are, we all got a bitter taste of reality and most of us were forced to realize that we were not prepared.

G.I.T. Outfitters was born out of the chaos of the last several years with the goal of re-instilling the common knowledge we once had as a society. We are not preparing for the end of the world or a zombie apocalypse. We’re preparing for everyday life by bringing Modern Preparedness to the Modern Family. Doesn’t matter if you’re concerned about power outages or hurricane season, our goal is to outfit your family with supplies and resources before the event occurs.

Welcome to G.I.T. Outfitters