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CRKT Freya Axe: Two Handed Outdoor Axe, Forged 1055 Carbon Steel Blade, Hickory Handle 2749


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An ancient high-seas design built for the backwoods. Over a thousand years ago a Norse weaponry designer created the Viking axe. That form has remained recognizable and largely unchanged ever since. For good reason. The Freya™ /fray-uh/ Viking-style utility axe is a powerful everyday axe that touches on ancient design roots and thrives in the outdoors.

Elmer Roush of Brasstown, North Carolina has one foot definitively in the past. When it comes to designing axes, that is. Freyja—in Norse mythology—is the goddess of beauty and the Freya™ utilitarian axe is as widely useful around camp as it is aesthetically beautiful. Similar to Elmer’s other notorious Viking axe, the Freyr™, the Freya™ is forged of tough 1055 carbon steel for durability and edge retention. It’s met with a handle carved of Tennessee hickory precisely designed for durability and ease of use. But where she stands in a league all her own is in the clean lines of the head, crafted for nearly effortless wood splitting.

If you see the Freya™ coming, no need to worry. Unless you’re a sapling in the way.

Additional information

Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 48.26 × 13.97 × 3.81 cm


Specifications: Blade Length: 3.46″ (87.88 mm)

Edge: Axe w/Hammer

Steel: S55C Carbon Steel

Blade Finish: Manganese Phosphate Coating

Blade Thickness: 1.25″ (31.78 mm)

Open Length: 19″

Weight: 1.93 lb (0.87 kg)

Handle: Tennessee Hickory

Style: Axe

Brand Name – Optional: CRKT


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